The Point of sale screen is the most important screen in maestro allow the user to enter and handle orders in an easy manner. The User interface of the POS have been build in a way that it guarantee a fast performance of the user and control. In addition the POS function automatically distribute orders to the right section in the kitchen through network printers or kitchen screens.
Table management functions includes reservations, merge and table ordering in addition to invoicing. The module include a special dashboard that gives a summary about the status of the restaurant at a glance.
Maestro can save enough information about the customer from phone numbers to work and home addresses in addition to their favourite dishes which will reflect a high quality service when the same customer calls again. maestro can be integrated with pbx hardware and it can display the customer’s’ information once they call.
Managing deliveries, especially for busy restaurants during rush hour is very exhausting and might lead to loss in orders and low performance. With maestro delivery module you will be able to manage the whole delivery process from orders handling to staff followups to invoices and money management. In addition the system allow the admin to set special delivery prices on the service depending on the delivery area.
Sometimes it require a hard work and a lot of time to prepare a split bill when customers ask for it, but with maestro it is very easy it does not require any extra work all what you need to do is to specify each dish for which customer with one click and when customers asks for split bill the system automatically do the calculation and print different bills according to the customers names and seatings.
In case you do apply minimum orders policy in your restaurant then you need to use the minimum order function in maestro. It allows you to to set a minimum value for invoices to make sure that the customer did fulfill this amount or not.
Is your facility set on a large landscape? Do feel your staff waste time going back and forth to deliver orders? Do you want to give the better service to your clients?Those are some of the reasons that made us add a mobile application to our modules. Mobimaestro can be installed on any android tablet and connect to the main database through the local wireless network. After entering the orders on the tablet they instantly get delivered to the kitchen and the information will be stored to be used later to generate invoices.
It is not easy to calculate your dishes and manufacturing cost in a restaurant, but with maestro things are different. Maestro allows users to enter the ingredient which will be used to calculate the cost of each dish. Later the calculated data will be proceeded each time when selling the dish showing the real cost of each dish at the time it has been sold depending on the ingredient purchase invoices .
To have a healthy ongoing business you should have an accurate inventory management. With the inventory module you will never go out of stock without your knowledge especially if you set the minimum level for each inventory, it is as easy as one click and all the number will be available.
In any software system it is always crucial to have a simple and detailed reports that reflect the result of the work for a specified period of time. We have enriched maestro with a list of reports that helps administration to build a solid view of their performance and to plan their next step in the market.
One of the main challenges in restaurants chains are the ability to handle the branches and follow up their processes. Maestro branches management allow the administration to follow up live data as they are in the facility.