Master provides you with the perfect solution to manage your business regardless of size and type, starting from outlets, to companies whether goods or services, and finally supermarkets and enterprises. Master is not limited to the automation of accounting procedures. It also provides many options, managerial procedures and supporting reports. In addition, manufacturing module and payroll system accompany Master to give you a complete system that organizes your work and supports your future plans.
Master is audited by experienced accountants and built to fit wide range of users whether they have limited or professional accounting knowledge by customizing their accessibility to data and details. Master stands out as an accounting system for its simplicity and flexibility in each step starting from opening accounts, building the accounting tree, defining materials, managing operations, creating journals, and finally generating financial reports.
This window is designed to give you all the needed options and information with minimum number of clicks. In Master, you can enter your invoice details easily while screening prices, expenses and discounts. You can also check the invoice profit and commission. All of that and more in one click. Master provides you with many templates of invoices whether for sales, purchases, returns, and Inventory transmission. Design your own screen according to your needs, and easily manage your presentation and printing options by activating or hiding certain buttons.
Master enables you to create groups and define its privileges, adding and deleting users, in addition to activating or hiding buttons. This allows you to control every single detail on your accounting system and prevents other users from accessing your financial reports.
If you have any kind of manufacturing process in your operation, then you definitely need the manufacturing module offered by Master. Master offers a complete solution for manufacturing processes as it can handle manufacturing operations with several stages through the creation of patterns whether for goods-under-process or finished ones. It also offers automatic generation of manufacturing orders which analyzes your sales and sends manufacturing orders accordingly. All you have to do is to define a pattern, specify row materials along with other expenses and then click the button. Consequently, Master will calculate the cost of goods, adjust inventory of raw materials and goods-under-process to generate manufacturing orders.
Master offers you a special screen that is easy to manage. You can define the required material by clicking on its icon and choose the appropriate design and color. Master’s POS owns many advantages, as you can adjust the price and know the profit. You can also design the printed template of your bills, and more. Our POS can be configured with any POS hardware and offers a perfect synchronization with barcode equipment. It can be connected with a digital scale to read the weight automatically.
Financial management is the main concern of any business. Therefore, Master provides you with many reports that gives accurate and detailed statistics of your profit size and distribution in order to support your decision making process. Master reports cover all information recorded on the system clearly and effectively to help you with your financial auditing and control over your business performance.